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Our warehouse has a total of 6 colors, which are silver, gold, vintage, black, rose gold, and gray.

Our production cost is 0.5$/pcs, please note that our plating time is longer and the quality is better than others, so our cost is higher than other suppliers.

Lead time: 12 – 30 days (The normal lead time is 20 calendar days, and the fastest lead time is 12 calendar days)

Hanging your purse: With the hook securely placed on the table, you can hang your purse or handbag from it. Simply hang the strap or handle of your bag onto the hook, allowing the bag to hang safely and conveniently beside you.

The load-bearing capacity of purse hangers varies based on their design, materials, and construction. Our purse hooks can support 15 to 20 pounds. This capacity fits most handbags, shoulder bags, and smaller handbags. If your wallet is particularly heavy or oversized, it is recommended to choose a sturdier wallet hook or consider other storage options, such as reinforced hooks, to ensure the weight is fully supported.

Yes, purse hangers, also known as purse hooks or handbag hooks, are designed to work effectively. They provide a practical solution for keeping your purse or handbag secure and easily accessible when you’re in public places. Here are some reasons why purse hangers work: